The admissions process is designed for ease and comfort of the incoming resident. The initial contact is coordinated by the Hospital case manager who begins the process. Our Admission’s Director goes to the patient in the hospital and evaluates their medical and residential needs based on the doctor’s care plan.

This time would be a perfect opportunity for the family to visit our facility at their convenience; at no time are appointments necessary with us.

The patient is transferred to our facility and all paperwork is taken care of at that time. We have a strict hands-off policy until the resident is admitted.

hospital aftercareThe following is a list of commonly needed documents pertaining to the resident that are used for admission’s purposes:

• Social security card
• Medicare Card
• Medicaid Card
• Any other insurance cards
• VA Number
• Responsible party, Durable power of attorney, Power of attorney, etc.
• Copy of living will
• DNR order
• Emergency contact information
• Legal identification